With a meticulous approach our skilled hand-weavers work to your specification to create works of art from fabric. Soie de Lune based in London hand-weaves silk & linen at our workshop in Vientiane, Laos. We use only the finest threads creating fabric with designs based on the traditional geometric patterns of the area. Furthermore we collaborate with respected European yarn manufacturers and contract weavers to recreate our designs in different textures by harnessing their expertise.

Our Story

The Company

Soie de Lune is a London-based company that was founded in 2004. It has its own workshop in Vientiane, Laos, a country in South East Asia famous for its hand weaving skills. Read more

Our Customers

We count amongst our customers the world’s most renowned and creative interior designers. Each piece of woven fabric is meticulously created and is akin to a work of art. Read more

The tradition of hand weaving in Lao PDR (Laos)

Traditional woven textiles, through the woven motifs and quality of yarn, express the beliefs and cultures of a particular society in addition to their decorative nature, color and beauty. Read more

Lauren Hwang New York

Soie de Lune represents Lauren Hwang New York's unique collection in the United Kingdom. Read more

The Weaving of Silk

Lexicon of Fabric

For Soie de Lune making fabric is not only a business. An important part of our work is to reestablish the meaning of the motifs that are woven into the fabric and that we tend to see only as pretty embellishments to the cloth. Everything that we do in our own workshop and also with our esteemed weaving partners, bring together skills once common throughout world that are now disappearing because of today’s mass-market culture.

Hand woven silks

Hand-Woven Silks

hand woven sheers

Hand–woven Silk Sheers


Hand–woven Linen

hand woven italian silks

Hand–woven Italian Silk

stocked handweves

Stocked Hand Weaves

linens and cottons

Linens & Cottons

mohair velvets

Mohair Velvet



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